How to Cut Your Sideburns?


To cut your sideburns, you should first comb the sideburns neatly, following the direction of growth and use a pair of scissors to trim the sideburns. You should hold the trimmer facing you in a vertical position and trim the sideburns in a downward motion. Trim the evenly on both sides in order to balance the facial features.
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1. Thin the sideburns with electric clippers, if you desire. Insert a 1/2-inch attachment into the clippers, and turn the clippers on. Rest the clippers against your child's jaw so
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is this a shaving razor that needs shaving cream? or an electric razor? i am an Italian/Hispanic mix so i know all about facial hair. if you want it thinned out, use trimming scissors
You could use like any trimmer you will just have to be very, very careful. I would recommend a Wahl trimmer like $25 from Wal Mart or anywhere like that. DONT wash the trimmer with
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1. Cut the sideburns while the hair is still dry. Pull the side hair away from the face with a comb. Hold the hair between your fingers. 2. Cut the sideburns slightly ...
Sideburns can be shaved with a razor and shaving cream, but trimming should be done with an electric trimmer or scissors. The benefits of an electric trimmer is ...
The best and most fool-proof way to trim sideburns is with a guarded hair or facial trimmer. This ensures and even length and that nothing is accidentally cut ...
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