How to Darken Copper?


You can darken copper by exposure to the natural elements or using sulfur which will cause oxidation thus darkening. You can also use green or brown patina. You can get more tips at .
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How to Darken Copper
Copper is a bronze-colored metal that usually has a shiny and bright finish when it is new. If copper is left to weather naturally, it will eventually darken and form a green patina. If you do not have the time to wait for the copper to age naturally and... More »
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1. Spray the copper piece with a window cleaner to remove any oil or dirt and wipe off with a soft, lint-free cloth. Reapply the window cleaner to the copper piece to break the surface
Copper darkens with use and exposure to air. Like shiny copper? You can clean and polish
darker and lighter red highlights will look nice without being too drastic.
The Tarn-X was probably left on too long and/or allowed to dry. To remove the discoloration, use a copper cream or polish and follow the directions to restore the shine.
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When darkening copper coins, start by spraying window cleaner on the coin to remove any dirt, then wipe off with a soft cloth, get a spray bottle that is empty ...
What bleach does to copper is it oxidizes it. The oxidation can appear as a darkening of the copper and sometimes even turning it black. ...
You can oxidize metal with a solution made from liver of sulphur. This will work on brass, copper and silver to give it an antiqued or darkened finish. For more ...
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