How to Deal with a Jealous Boyfriend?


If a boyfriend is jealous be sure you're not doing anything to cause this. Talk to the boyfriend and let him know how you feel and if he can't trust you things won't work out. Ask him why he gets jealous and maybe you can try to fix these things. Sometimes no matter what you do he may still be jealous.
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1. Call your ex. If this is uncomfortable, write him a letter or ask a friend to speak with him. 2. Tell him how his jealousy is impacting you, and how it makes you feel. 3. Be honest
Basically when dealing with a person who has a tendency to be jealous you can do one of two things. You can either walk away because most people will always be jealous due to insecurities
Leave Him!
Now for the real question: Is your boyfriend your cousin? haha i kid, i kid. First of all, your bf blew up on his cousin because that is not his place to tell you that, and it was
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