How to Deal with a Womanizer?


A womanizer is a man who frequently gets emotionally and sexually caught up with other women while being in a primary relationship. To deal with a womanizer, you need to realize that womanizing is an addiction which needs to be distinct and treated as such. The womanizer himself is the only person who can make a decision to alter his ways and seek the help he needs.
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Become a Manizer and treat him the way he treats you. It makes me sad you ask this. You deserve better.
1. Realize why they are teasing you/treating you unfairly. Are they doing this because they like you, or do they really think that one sex is more dominant than the other? 2. PROVE
1. Inform him his behavior is unacceptable. Focus a discussion on what constitutes unacceptable behavior, not the content of his words. 2. Set your boundaries. Explain that the next
She buys you small non-occasion gifts. From a pair of socks or boxers, to an astronaut pen because you write in bed. Certain gifts say "I like you." Women pay attention
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