How to Deal with a Womanizer?


A womanizer is a man who frequently gets emotionally and sexually caught up with other women while being in a primary relationship. To deal with a womanizer, you need to realize that womanizing is an addiction which needs to be distinct and treated as such. The womanizer himself is the only person who can make a decision to alter his ways and seek the help he needs.
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Become a Manizer and treat him the way he treats you. It makes me sad you ask this. You deserve better.
1. Face the truth. Statistically, it is incredibly rare that a married man will leave his wife for the other woman. In the rarest occasions that this does occur, an overwhelming majority
1. Realize why they are teasing you/treating you unfairly. Are they doing this because they like you, or do they really think that one sex is more dominant than the other? 2. PROVE
If a woman wants an honest and loyal relationship then she should run as far and fast as she can from the womanizer. Womanizers are ego maniacal; self-centered and think they are
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