How can I deal with family conflict?


Family conflicts always occur every now and then due to differences in opinions or heated arguments. The best way to deal with such conflicts is to give yourself time to cool down. Afterwards use conflict resolutions measures to resolve the conflict these include, negotiation, mediation and reconciliation.
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The best weapon to help one deal with conflict is patience. Approaching a conflict with an open mind and an ear for compromise is also important. Be sure to listen to both sides and
1. Respect the other person. A relationship is an exchange between equals, even when one person has authority over the other. Actively listen to the person. Validate their needs and
1. Be prepared for strong emotions. Conflicts bring out our emotional natures, even if the conflict itself isn't an emotional one. While it's tough to cool down in the heat of the
Well, it's not your fault. They'll eventually come to a peace. They just need some time.
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