How to Deal with Favoritism?


Favoritism is when special treatment is given to a certain person. If favoritism occurs between family or loved ones, talking to the person playing favorites may help resolve the situation. Some people are unaware that they are showing favoritism and being show that they are may help the situation. If favoritism is shown in the workplace, talking to a higher-up about the situation may help this favoritism stop within the organization. If a supervisor or manager is showing favoritism, talking to a higher manager may help.
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1. Continue doing your work, even though it may be tempting to slack off. You don’t want to give your boss a reason to want to fire you. Besides, job-related skills, overall
1 Analyze the situation. Look at the situations when this person seems to have been favored over others - what were the reasons in your estimation? Were other employees accorded the
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Dealing with workplace favoritism can be a tricky situation. Sometimes the relationship with the boss is good enough that just talking about it can bring upon ...
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Boss favoritism usually occurs when a boss plays favorites to one or more or its employees. It is often difficult to deal with boss favoritism, as it can make ...
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