How to Deal with Pretentious People?


One way to deal with pretentious people is to ignore their behavior. If this seems impossible, it may be best to leave them alone altogether. Otherwise, just limit contact and avoid getting drawn into their conversations.
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To deal with pretentious people, ignore them. If this is in a work environment, keep yourself busy with tasks.
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Dealing with pretentious people is a simple matter of the old adage "consider the source". These types of people are best ignored, or at least taken with a grain of salt
Ladies are one breed of animals that's the most intricate and difficult to understand. Simply put, your girl (or is she not? wants to fully and satisfactorily know that you have her
It depends on how the pretentious person treats me. If the person in pompous and demeaning toward me then I shoot the person down, metaphorically speaking.
There is a chick who is friends with an ex of mine. We occasionally run in the same circles, and when she sees me tries to act like we are cool. We never have been. She has always
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