How to Deal with Teenage Boys?


The best way to deal with teenage boys is to set ground rules, and make the teenagers follow these rules. A parent with teenagers simply needs to sit down the teenager to have a serious talk. The parent should let the teenage boy know what the rules are, including things like doing homework every day, helping out around the home, or even working a part time job to contribute to the household. The parent should let the teenager know the consequences for not fulfilling these duties. By not backing down and showing who has the power in the home, a parent can deal with a teenager.
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1. Talk to them. Boys have a tendency of ignoring people, because they feel they know more. Instead of ignoring them because they do it to you, show them you care about them and are
1. Understand where your son's emotions are coming from by assessing the current situation of the breakup, including how long the two were together and the reaction your son is having
The best way to deal with teen age depression is to find ways to get to the root of the depression. That means you must find ways to solve the depression and keep an active and healthy
thank you for writing to me with this concern. as a parent I can understand how you feel. However in this case it's different. reason is, your the step-mother. teenagers at this age
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