How to Debeard Mussels?


To debeard mussels is just a process of pulling the beard with your fingers, which is just the piece that the mussel uses to attach himself to rocks and things. Make sure you clean and cook them immediately after removing the beard, because this kills them. If you are working with farmed mussels, then these don't need debearding.
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How to Debeard Mussels
Fresh mussels on sale at the seafood store are a treat, but then you need to take them home and prepare them. You notice a hairy protrusion coming out of the side of the mussel shell and you have no idea how to remove it or even what it is. It's the... More »
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Bearding mussels is one of those things that gets easier with practice. Grasp the fine hair like tendrils that stick out of the mussel with a dry towel and pull them back towards the hinge. This should break the fibers, thus debearding the mussel. You can find more information at
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1. Scrub the mussels with a stiff-bristled brush to remove any sediment, sand or barnacles. 2. Pluck the beard by pulling it off with your fingers or scraping it with a paring knife
they are just mussels with the shells cleaned and the beard (the hair like stuff) they use to attach to things removed.
Hold the the shell (whlie its unopened or only slightly opened) in one hand, grip the beard in the other and pull; if it's too tough use some pliers.
Only cook live mussels. If it doesn't open a little when you knock on it it is dead and should not be eaten. Scour off the lips that attach the mussel to rocks and discarded.
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Debearding mussels are food types with a hairy projection, usually are categorised under the seafood group. To scrub the debeard mussels you should use a rigid ...
1. Soak fresh mussels in salted water. 2. Wash thoroughly and debeard (basically, remove the seaweed from the shells) 3. Sauté some butter with onions ( ...
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