How to Dechlorinate Water?


There are a couple of easy ways to dechlorinate your water. Carbon filters will do a pretty good job, but will remove a lot of other compounds as well. The best thing is probably sodium triosulphate. It is not that expensive and works well for aquariums. For more information look here:;
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1. Place a container filled with tap water in direct sunlight for two days. The chlorine will dissipate from the water. 2. Bring a kettle of water up to a rapid boil for several minutes
1. Know the risks of drinking highly chlorinated water. There are currently ongoing laboratory tests on the long-term effects of chlorine exposure. However, some health officials
Tap water which has had any contained chlorine removed.
If you are just trying to give him water to drink, regular tap water should be fine. If not, your fish dechlorinator should be fine.
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Chlorinated water in your fish tank allows a build up of ammonia, eventually becoming harmful to your fish. For this reason, you will need to dechlorinate water ...
There are two ways that you can naturally dechlorinate your water. One way is to put the water in a pot and boil it for at least 20 minutes. If you are using this ...
No, distilled water is not dechlorinated water. Distilled water means that the water has been boiled and allowed to cool back down. Dechlorinated water does not ...
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