How can I decline a date invitation?


Carly Wisel of Teen Vogue suggests being honest and complimenting the person in a truthful manner to decline a date invitation gracefully and in the least painful way. It is also important to be respectful after the fact by not discussing the situation in a humorous way and refraining from letting others' opinions influence the decision.

According to Wisel, declining a date invitation can be difficult and embarrassing for both parties. It can also leave someone feeling guilty. Being honest with someone can reduce the feeling of guilt while lying about previously made plans or a fake significant other can cause the feeling of guilt to grow. Saying yes because of guilt can complicate the situation even more because it wastes both people's time and leads to even more guilt once the person finally has to say no.

Wisel notes that it is better to turn somebody down right away rather than leading him on or lying. Complimenting the person with truthful compliments can ease the situation. Stating the reasons why the person is likable along with the reasons for the rejection can alleviate some of the awkwardness and even open the door for a future friendship. Overall, honesty with both oneself and the person being turned down is essential to make the situation as painless as possible.

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How to Decline a Date Invitation
For various reasons, it is sometimes necessary to decline a date invitation. Sometimes, people receive invitations from people that they don't like and/or have no interest in dating, while other times, plans prevent them from accepting the invitation.... More »
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