How to Decorate a Construction Paper Turkey?


As the turkey is made of paper the best option is to use pencils, crayons, or markers to color it in. Alternatively, paste some beads or other items to it.
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How to Decorate a Construction Paper Turkey
Turkeys are a favored decoration for a Thanksgiving craft. Children love to decorate construction paper turkeys and proudly display them on walls, doors, windows or the holiday table. Paper turkeys can be whimsical or more realistic in a colorful... More »
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1. Color a detailed line drawing of a turkey with colored pencils of chalk. 2. Cut feathers out of colored construction paper and glue to the line drawing of a turkey. Cut the legs
Turkey frills.
To make a construction paper turkey you need to Pre cut lots of
Hmmm. alright think about other supplies that you may have besides construction paper. 1) pencil crayons? 2) crayons? 3) colured pens? 4) red pens? 5) black pens? any pens? Case 1
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You can learn how to make construction paper turkeys by searching the internet. The first thing that you will need is construction paper. There are other items ...
The great part about making paper turkeys for Thanksgiving is how much you can customize and personalize them. Decorating a paper turkey can be as simple as adding ...
1. Place glue on the back of googly eyes, which are available at most craft stores. Adhere them to the turkey’s face to serve as the eyes. You could also ...
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