How can I decorate a paper turkey?


The great part about making paper turkeys for Thanksgiving is how much you can customize and personalize them. Decorating a paper turkey can be as simple as adding color using markers, crayons, colored pencils, or paint. For more elaborate arts and crafts with a paper turkey, purchase a bag of feathers from the local craft store and attach them with glue to the turkey. Google eyes can also be used to accentuate the face for a fun look, and a beak can be crafted with construction paper.
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1. Place glue on the back of googly eyes, which are available at most craft stores. Adhere them to the turkey’s face to serve as the eyes. You could also use seeds, corn or
To make a paper turkey one must place their hand palm down on a piece of paper. Step two is tracing the hand and then adding a beak and neck wrinkles to the thumb portion. Then simply
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How to Decorate a Paper Turkey
Constructing paper turkeys is a fun and simple Thanksgiving activity. Turkeys can be made from construction, brown or tissue paper and even paper plates. Whichever medium you decide to use, be sure to add some decorative flair. Adding decoration to your... More »
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Paper turkeys can be made in dozens of ways from simple crafts for kids to more fancy crafts for adults. One common turkey made by tracing the hand with the fingers ...
To disguise a paper turkey is very simple. One can disguise a paper turkey as a snowman, butterfly, and Easter bunny or put it in a dress. Using a brown piece ...
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