How to Decorate Candles?


To decorate candles, you will use melted paraffin wax. This is applied to the candle. You then decorate the candle with items of your choice such as shells, colored glass, sand and much more.
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1. Stick gold or silver letter stickers on each candle and spell out the name of the person who will receive Baptism. If the name is extremely long, you can just use the first, middle
1 Get a pack of candles. Ad 2 Get some glitter (any color). 3 Burn the sides of the candles carefully. 4 Get a brush (preferably made of foam) and dip it into a bottle of clear drying
Use your Halloween themed rubber stamps to decorate and customize plain candles. This is a simple technique that can be used on candles of any size. The images are stamped and embossed
Using candles to provide temporary lighting for your bedroom can set the mood for relaxation and comfort or for a more romantic ambience. Candles are very effective means to set up
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