How to Decorate Empty Wine Bottles?


You can decorate empty wine bottles by removing the label and then painting on the bottle. To remove the label, let the bottle soak in hot water. This should loosen the adhesives that were used to place the label on. Peel off the labels and use acrylic paint to paint the outside of the bottle. Otherwise, you can hot glue decorations to the bottle, as well.
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Things You'll Need. Wine bottle. Drill with glass drill bit. Christmas lights. Glass paint. Paintbrush. Instructions. Choose a wine bottle and clean and dry it thoroughly. Wine bottles
I am going to a "wine fest" this weekend and I am supposed to bring a bottle of wine (with wine in it, its not an empty bottle) that is decorated for a contest. Only problem
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1. Use purples, greens and browns. Be sure to fuse the natural colors of earth, soil and leaves with the natural tones of the grapes themselves: deep purples and yellow-greens blend
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How to Decorate Empty Wine Bottles
Once you finish a bottle of wine, you may wonder what you can do with the empty bottle besides throwing it out. Decorating these empty bottles can be a fun activity to take on with friends or family. While there are certainly many ways that you can... More »
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Empty wine bottles can be decorated in numerous ways. You can drip colored candle wax on the bottle or paint the bottle and add your own hand painted designs. You can also cover the bottle with twine, wrapping the entire bottle with it.
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