How do you decorate for a banquet?


To decorate for a banquet, accessorize the tables with centerpieces and a runner, balance the space used in the room by using long tables for rooms with large windows and open spaces and use shapes that complement each other, such as square plates with rectangular tables. Utilize a common theme of furniture and accessories with sharp corners or rounded edges throughout decorating the room.

Layering a graphic linen over a solid colored tablecloth helps to elongate the table. Additionally, using centerpieces helps to balance out the tables. To decorate rectangular tables, use colors that are dispersed in various spaces such as in the centerpieces like tall standing candles or on the chairs. Using colored accents on the menus or seating cards can also add dimension to the tables. For the best color patterns, consult a color wheel or use an online program to help discover the best moods and feelings that colors can elicit.

Using long banquet tables is recommended when the room has very high ceilings, large windows and a very open floor plan. Setting the banquet tables in organized rows or in a "U" shape can help to balance the room's set up and saturate the room with strategically placed colors.

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How to Decorate for a Banquet
Banquets are usually sit-down dinners with a large number of guests. They are often held in honor of a special event, such as an anniversary, in honor of a person, or to raise money for a charity. Frequently banquets have a theme, which can make it... More »
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