How to Delete a Homepage?


Deleting a home page is different depending on what web browser is being used. All web browsers has a help tab at the top of the page and this is way to learn about the web browser's functions and will tell a user how to delete the home page.
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1. Go to your iGoogle homepage. 2. Click "Settings" then "Google Account Settings. 3. Click "Edit. Edit is located next to "My Products. 4. Select "Delete
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This page will give you step by step instructions on how to remove conduit. If you uninstall it without these steps later it will reinstall itself. Follow these instructions: http
just make another link your default homepage. . LouLou. 18 months ago.
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In your studio. You can choose a tab that says screenshots or photos. There will be a button that says delete to the right side of the screen. It will ask you ...
In order to delete tattoodle, you will have change the URL of your default homepage. This function is available under Options in most browsers. Simply type the ...
1. Deleting your Google account is easy but before you start decide if you want to delete your entire account or specific services. Go to Google's homepage and ...
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