How can you delete all your visited websites?


You can delete all visited websites by going to your web browser's history and deleting from there. Different browsers offer different methods.
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To delete the websites you have visited, you go up to tools on your web browser and then down to options. Now, click on privacy tab and you should see an option to clear history.
1. Close your Internet browser. 2. Click the Windows icon in the bottom left of your desktop to open the "Start" menu. Click "Control Panel. 3. Double-click "Internet
I am going to assume you mean Firefox (not Foxfire) Go to Tools - Options. Click the Privacy tab. On the Privacy tab click Always Clear My Private Data When I Close Firefox. Then
1. Open your Internet web browser. 2. Delete website listing from your drop-down menu. Open "Bookmarks" or "Favorites" from the top menu on the browser and right
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Click on the 'Tools' drop down menu at the top of the page. Select the 'Clear Recent History' option near the bottom of the menu. But keep in mind that the history ...
To erase internet history of the websites you visited, first select tools on internet option then open the 'General' tab. Then, in the 'Browsing history' click ...
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