How can you delete all your visited websites?


You can delete all visited websites by going to your web browser's history and deleting from there. Different browsers offer different methods.
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1. Close your Internet browser. 2. Click the Windows icon in the bottom left of your desktop to open the "Start" menu. Click "Control Panel. 3. Double-click "Internet
You don't. You can't delete anything off the internet,but you can delete the internet. off of your computer. If your using Internet Explorer, go to , start, control panel, internet
1. Launch the System Preferences window by clicking on its corresponding icon displayed on the dock at the bottom of your screen. 2. Open the Accounts pane by clicking on the "
1. Tap the "Applications" icon on the Samsung Captivate's home screen to view all of the installed applications. 2. Tap the "AllShare" application icon to launch
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