How to Delete Favorites?


Delete an item from the favorites, or bookmark, menu by right clicking on the item and selecting delete. Alternatively, highlight the bookmarked item and press the delete button on the computer.
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To delete items from your list of favorites in your browser or other software you may need to pull up the list of all your favorites. In Internet Explorer, you can right-click on a single item in the Favorites list and click 'delete' in the list of options. You can also find the list of favorites for various applications under your C: drive under 'Documents and Settings.'
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1. First, navigate to the Recycle Bin on your computer's desktop. It should look like a trash can with some paper in it. 2. Double click to open the recycle bin. 3. Find the favorites
lol click delete.
Deleting your bookmarks is very easy. For simplicity's sake, I would like you to choose the Favorites button on the far left of your toolbar (that way, we're all on the same page)
You can just right click on them and click delete if they are in your
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