How do I delete my Gmail account?


If you are trying to permanently delete your GMAIL account I recommend tou to visit Gmails support page at for more information and precise details.
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1. Press the "Menu" button on your Dell Streak and then tap "Settings. 2. Tap the "Accounts & sync" icon within "Settings. 3. Scroll down and tap
Have you ever wondered, how can I delete my Hotmail account? It's a familiar refrain. In today's world where internet and e-mail are primary forms of communication, accounts get inundated
Sign in gmail. Click My Services at the top of the page and then select Edit services, select the service u want to delete or entire the whole account, then click Delete/OK and follow
In Gmail, go to Contacts. Delete the contact. NOTE: If they write to you again, the person might be automatically put back into your contacts.
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How to Delete a GMail Address
Gmail is a popular online email application from Google. If you've had an email address ending in "" and no longer need or want to use it, follow the steps below to delete a gmail address.... More »
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