How do I delete my Gmail account?


If you are trying to permanently delete your GMAIL account I recommend tou to visit Gmails support page at for more information and precise details.
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1. Go online and navigate to your Gmail account. Log into your Gmail account and select 'Settings' in the upper right-hand corner, beside your Gmail address. Next, select the second
Use this link to cancel your account Embed
1. Sign in to your Gmail account. Click on "Settings.". 2. Locate the "Web Clips" tab under "Settings.". 3. Remove any listed Web Clips that you don't
Many email users have accidentally deleted an important message. Fortunately, email applications like Gmail include options that make it possible to retrieve these messages before
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How to Delete a GMail Address
Gmail is a popular online email application from Google. If you've had an email address ending in "" and no longer need or want to use it, follow the steps below to delete a gmail address.... More »
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