How to Delete Starware?


To delete Starware, you need to access the ÒPrograms and FeaturesÓ from the Control Panel. Scroll down to the Starware program and select ÒUninstallÓ from the task bar. This will uninstall the program. If it fails, use an adware removal tool which will detect the program and get rid of it.
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How to Delete Starware
Starware is a toolbar for Internet Explorer that contains special search tools and a built-in pop-up blocker. When installed on your system, Starware will display ads on your computer and send all of your Internet searches through their main server,... More »
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1. Click the "Start" menu and click the "Control Panel. Launch the programs window by double-clicking "Add or Remove Programs" (Window XP) or "Programs
i did it add and remove programs remove programs you are not using click start bottom left on task bar control panel add and remove programs find the program(s) you want to remove
Go to the following page and use the SpyHunter free Starware tool… Should you wish to uninstall it manually, follow the steps below
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