How to Deodorize Smelly Boots?


Smelly boots are boots that have unpleasant smell due to lack of cleanliness. One can deodorize smelly boots by crumble several newspapers into the boots, the newspaper will absorb the odors. Then fill two stockings and place a fresh drier sheet inside the boot and let it sit overnight. Allow the boots to air and dry after every use, prevent the odor by washing your feet. Finally wear socks that will soak the sweat instead of letting it drip into the boot.
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How to Deodorize Smelly Boots
Wearing boots for an extended period of time will cause your feet sweating. This sweat will quickly turn your boots into a smelly mess that lasts long after you have taken off the boots. The sweat will cause the inside of the boots to become damp which... More »
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1. Crumble several newspapers into balls. Stuff the smelly boots with the crumbled newspapers and let sit overnight. The newspapers will absorb the odors. Remove the newspapers and
1 Boil water in a big stock pot. Ad
You can use baking soda, also unused coffee grounds to sit in them over night. That's what I do with my sons cleats ;
The best deodorant for men is Old Spice High Endurance. Thanks
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