How to Derestrict a Yamaha DT 50?


Yamaha DT 50 has been restricted by with a washer placed around the pulley rod of the variator to leave a gap between pulley rod and the drive belt. Removing this allows more energy to transfer from the engine to the drive belt and the bike go faster.
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Hello, I have a dt50 mx (H reg) from standard i have a "dep" exhaust, k&N air filter and a bore and piston of 45mm (standard being 40mm) and I get 55+
My friends son has on 07 and i tested it after we de-restricted it and i got 62mph on a flat road ! (we didn't change the exhaust so you might get an extra 4/5mph) Not bad for a 50cc
Tis a washer behind your Variator remove that change the exhaust to an aftermarket one ( stage 6 or Yasumi ) are the best to get and update your carb intake manifold Source(s): Custom
80mph with race pipe and deristricted and god knows how many re-bores my mate had one. not as fast as a kawasaki kmx 125 with race pipe derisricted that will go off the clock. I've
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Remove about a 4 inches of length from the emission pipe which is located in the exhaust and weld the hole made by removal of the pipe. Then remove the black plastic ...
The Yamaha DT50 is the most common 50cc in the Yamaha DT series. It was introduced to the market in June of 1981. The bike is easily identified by the Mono-Cross ...
When you derestrict a Yamaha DT 125 , you will have to replace your main jet to the next size, and you can remove micron racing pipe. Replace the air filter of ...
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