How to descrambler cable with aluminum foil?


Some premium service cable channels are not actually scrambled, and you do not need a descrambler to see them. In many cases, a 'garbage' transmission is sent at the same frequency as the channel in order to mix it up and make it unwatchable. With a piece of antenna wire, some aluminum foil, and a lot of patience, you might be able to filter out the garbage transmission to watch channels you haven't paid for. Of course, this is illegal, and you should be aware of the risk of prosecution. You are really better off paying the subscriptions for channels you want to watch.
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Okay I had to grab this one to answer. First odds are this is not going to work with today's systems where the channel has to be turned on by the provider. The theory is that you have a wire hooked to your TV with the antenna wire trimmed back. Wrap the wire with foil and slide back and forth until you get a good picture. This only works on certain garbage signals and they simply do not exist anymore with the digital age.
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