How to Describe a Volcano?


A volcano is a crack or opening on earth that releases lava (molten rocks) gases and ashes out from the earth surface below. Volcanoes have different structures and shapes, some are cracks in the earth's crust some are domes, shields, or mountain-like structures.
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it is basically a steaming giant which erupts lava. think of it as a bellowing ogre, the volcano erupts like an ogre would bellow(Burp)
1. Cover your workspace with newspaper or a drop cloth. Find a board or a tray that is sturdy so that it will hold up your volcano. Set it on your workspace. 2. Find a narrow plastic
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Most textbooks employ a simplified, three-tier system. Classifying all volcanoes into three basic types - shield volcanoes, strato volcanoes and cinder cones - for convenience, this
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