How to Describe a Volcano?


A volcano is a crack or opening on earth that releases lava (molten rocks) gases and ashes out from the earth surface below. Volcanoes have different structures and shapes, some are cracks in the earth's crust some are domes, shields, or mountain-like structures.
Q&A Related to "How to Describe a Volcano"
it is basically a steaming giant which erupts lava. think of it as a bellowing ogre, the volcano erupts like an ogre would bellow(Burp)
A volcano is a large mound of earth and rock which is actually a passage or rupture through the earth's crust leading to liquid hot deposits of magma within the earth's mantle. It
1. Using clay or play dough, build a model volcano inside a box or on a board. If you wish, use different colors of clay or play dough to make the volcano look more realistic. For
1. Determine how high you want the volcano to be. Cut off the top of the water bottle at the point of the desired height. 2. Set the water bottle in the middle of the cardboard platform
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