How to Destroy a Cars Engine?


There are several ways to destroy a car's engine, though I'm not too sure why you would want to do that. One way is by draining all of the oil out of the engine, causing the engine to seize up, or you could just put it in a crusher and compact it.
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There are so many options that you can do to destroy a car. You can crash it and total it out. You can hit it with bats and smash it. You can catch it on fire. There are so many more
1. Ignore the speakers' maximum wattage. Say your speakers are rated at 100 watts maximum. This means the highest wattage you can play through the speakers for any length of time
mix a very small amount of fine sand ( a palm full should do it) in with the oil. BEWARE this could stop the engine very suddenly so dont do it if you have to continue driving it
I would say let my daughter in law drive it awhile! If she sees this...I'm only
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The easiest way to destroy a car engine is to let it run out of oil and then continue driving it. The engine will seize in no time. Putting foreign substances ...
To destroy a car's engine, you could put sugar in the gas tank. You could put sand into the oil. You could also drain the oil let it blow the motor then put the ...
Well, there are a lot of ways to destroy an engine. One way would be to never get the oil changed in it and drive all over the place until it stops from seizure. ...
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