How to Detect a Bad U Joint?


There are a few external signs that can help you detect a bad U joint. If your car is making squeaking sounds while moving, it could indicate a bad U joint. Vibration is another very important sign of a bad U joint, and a clunking feel or sound when shifting from park to reverse.
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1. Listen carefully to the vehicle as it is moving, and take note of any squeaking or metallic sounds coming from under the vehicle. These sounds can indicate a universal joint that
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Crawl under the vehicle and check the U-Joint for any play. If there is even the slightest play in the joint it is defective. You can usually hear the joint when shifting from reverse
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How to Detect a Bad U Joint
Universal joints are a critical component of the drive line in your car. Understanding how to recognize a worn universal joint before it fails will save you from having to replace more expensive parts. When a universal joint fails, it can damage the... More »
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