How to Detect Sperm?


Sperm can be detected on clothing or sheets for instance using a common black-light. Even investigators and police rely on black-lights in order to gather evidence. One issue may have is discerning whether or not the spots you find are actually semen.
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From what I know, detecting sperm will depend on where it is located. Actual sperm is not visible to the naked eye but the semen it is contained in can usually be seen by the eye.
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1. Buy a black light. You can find relatively cheap black lights at most department or home supply stores. You should be able to find a black light for $5 to $10. 2. Gather the clothes
look on the web for a test called CHECKMATE
A blacklight. You can buy a bulb at a local hardware store and put it in any lamp, point the lamp toward the bed, viola. Make sure you don't have sex with him on the sheets. And tell
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