How to Determine a Dog Breed?


To determine a dog breed you will have to look at some of the key breed characteristics such as head shape, ears, tongue, tail, and musculature. Compare these to known breeds and you should be able to determine what breed a dog is. You can find more information here:
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It is difficult to determine a dogs breed. Purebreds have been bread with each other for so long to create new breads that it is next to imposable to say for sure what your dog is
Look carefully at the size of the dog first to begin to eliminate specific breeds. Determine the dog's color and hair length; this characteristic will be broken into either long hair
These are actually two different questions, and the answers are not simple ones. Or, to put it another way, the answers are simple in the same way that the simple answer to 'what
1. Tell your dog's size. Determine its weight and height, since most of the people could tell its breed by measuring its size. Bring a scale, and get your dog's weight, then bring's-Breed
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There are several ways that one can determine a breed of dog. Size, hair length and texture, and the shape of a face can all help determine what breed someone's ...
To determine a dog's breed, first carefully look at the size and energy level of the dog. Also, figure out the build of the dog and it's color combination. Once ...
To tell the breed of your dog, first determine the vital statistics of your dog. Carefully measure the height of your dog, till his weathers then carefully note ...
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