How to Dig a Drainage Ditch?


Drainage ditches help prevent mold, mildew and flooding. To dig a drainage ditch you will need stakes, trench shovel, 2 x 4s, a hammer and a pole. Place the stakes in the ground to delineate the lines of the trench. Clear the planned trench outline the trench. Proceed to dig the trench by using a flat trench shovel. The trench could be 1 or 2 feet deep. Drop a long 2 x 4 into the trench and hammer it a few times or hit it with a long pole to compact the bottom of the trench.
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1. Place stakes in the ground, which will delineate the lines of the trench. Place stakes on either side of the planned trench so you can determine how wide it should be at various
If you want to build a drainage ditch, lay out a line along the path you want the water to take. Since water runs downhill, dig the trench with a slight slope. Be sure to check for
It depends on the length, width and depth of the ditch. Also, whether a spade or a JCB is to be used!
You need to dig a ditch, put in perforated drain pipe and get it to flow someplace lower. Then just fill the ditch back in with #2 gravel.
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How to Dig a Drainage Ditch
Drainage ditches help move water away from your home. This can prevent mold, mildew and flooding, all of which can lower your home's value. No matter which type of drain you're installing, you must first dig a drainage ditch in which to place the... More »
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