How to Dilute Acid with Water?


Diluting acids with water is a very specific process and can be very dangerous if not done correctly. Never pour water into a large quantity of concentrated acid. This could lead to an explosive chemical reaction. Instead, measure the water first and then pour the concentrated acid into the water slowly.
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Never add water to acid. Think "rootbeer" A&W. Acid into Water.
1. Be sure you use safety and environmental precautions before starting. Muriatic acid is not recommended for indoor use because it gives off corrosive vapors. If you are in a small
MV = MV. (your initial molarity) (volume) = (desired molarity) (volume)
1. Consult Chemical Safety Cards of the acid one wants to dilute. Many of these can easily be found on the internet. Sometimes several cards are issued, depending on the concentration
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