How to Disable a Vehicle Tracker?


It is not easy to disable or uninstall a vehicle's tracking system and the best way to do it is to physically remove the tracking device. Since most brand new cars come with inbuilt GPS vehicle tracking equipment, you may ask your dealer to remove them at the time you plan to purchase the vehicle or locate the tracking device yourself and physically remove it. If you can't locate the tracking device yourself, you should let a dedicated specialist do it for you.
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1. Purchase the GPS jammers from a vehicle equipment or spy shop online. Some popular makers of the GPS jammer are called Tracker Gone and GPS Tracker Defense. 2. Remove the 12-volt
can you beat a vehicle tracker?
1. Click Start. Ad. 2. Click Run. 3. In the run dialog window that appears. type gpedit. msc. and click. OK. You will now see a window that looks something like this: 4. Look in the
Blunt striking force. Immersion in water, fire or acid or simply pull the fuse its powered from.
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How to Disable a Vehicle Tracker
GPS vehicle trackers are found in a number of modern vehicles that contain emergency assistance services. There are many benefits for using this service, however, not everyone is keen on having a Big Brother figure tracking their daily movements. In... More »
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To block a vehicle tracker you could either choose to buy a GPS jamming device or wrap the cables that go into the device in foil. ...
There could be a few ways to disable Onstar in your vehicle. First and easiest way is to look through your car manual for a fuse that supplies the Onstar module. ...
The average tire weighs around 20 pounds for a regular vehicle. However, tracker tires can weigh over 100 pounds. ...
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