How do you disassemble a 303 British Enfield?


In order to disassemble a 303 British Enfield, you can check a field stripping manual for this gun. You can also take the gun to a gunsmith. There, you could request that they show you how to disassemble the gun.
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$50 to over $1000. You didn't give any specifics to help narrow it down. All we know is that it's a rifle in .303 British service. presumably, it's probably going to be a Short Magazine
Visit with a gunsmith for a show and tell session on what it is.
Depending on who made Lee Enfield 303 (England, Canada, Australia.etc.
DanZee. said: 1. Depending on condition, it could be worth $150-300. There seems to be a lot of them around. 49 months ago.
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