How do you disassemble and clean an AR-15 magazine?


How to disassemble and clean an AR-15 magazine depends on which type you have and what it is made out of. There are a number of different materials that they can be made from and a number of different styles of magazine. Refer to an owners or users manual for your specific type of AR-15 magazine for cleaning instructions. Instructions can also be found at .
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1. Remove the magazine from the AR15 and pull back the charging handle to inspect the firing chamber to make sure the weapon is unloaded in preparation for handling. 2. Hold the magazine
At the back of the floor plate, there's a section which curves upwards. You get a small slotted screwdriver (or similar device) between that and the magazine body, and - using the
With any luck at all, your gun ought to look about like this after you've removed the magazine and slide assembly. Note the bolt handle, towards the bottom of the photo.
It will unscrew from the receiver, but I don't recommend it. It takes quite a bit if force. The front of the receiver would need to be held in a well padded vise, but not so hard
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