How to Disassemble Remington Model 742?


The Remington 742 can be stripped down by removing the forearm with the bolt in the front and the butt stock by the bolts under the butt pad. The action is more more complicated. Unless the weapon is not working properly there is no need to disassemble the gun. Clean the barrel in the normal way and spray the action out with 'gun scrubber' then lubricate with 'Rem Lube'.
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1. Use a small Philips-head screwdriver to unscrew the two retaining screws on the rubber butt plate. 2. Remove the butt plate. You will see two holes in the back of the stock; the
Check the date code stamped on barrel (added a related link to site w/ details)
I'm uncertain if this is indeed the correct manual so please have a look and see Robert Please take a moment to rate this solution
The used model 742 Remington 30 goes for about 150.00 more or less.
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