How to Disassemble Winchester Model 12?


Very carefully, make sure the magazine of the gun is clear of all shell and that the safety is on. Set the gun on the floor with trigger facing you. Push the roll pin towards you and rotate magazine tube counter clockwise until until it stops at a 1/2' turn. Next separate the barrel and receiver by pulling up the tube and forearm.
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I'm not sure how you take the bolt itself apart but if you are looking to dissasemble it to clean it all you have to to is hold down the trigger and open the bolt as if you were opening
IMPORTANT Recall info: WINCHESTER MODEL 100 FIRING PIN RECALL - A notice dated 7-1990 relates the following “PRODUCT SAFETY WARNING AND REPLACEMENT NOTICE. Attention owners
The Winchester Model 12 was manufactured in the early 1950's, 1953 was a
Please include the serial number(to date your shotgun) and the overall condition to get a accurate value to your Winchester model 1912 pump action shotgun.
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Before disassembling your Winchester, model 12, be sure to double check that the rifle is not loaded. It would be helpful if you had a small container nearby to place small parts in. You can find more information at
To disassemble the Winchester Model 12, you need to first make sure the gun is completely unloaded, and there are no bullets in the chamber. Also, make sure the trigger guard is up.
The Winchester Model 12 is one of the easiest rifles to disassemble. The ease of use makes it one of the more popular models of Winchester guns, despite its being retired over 30 years ago. To take apart first you need to empty your chambers. Removing the guard screw will allow the complete guard assembly. Follow further until completed.
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