How do you disconnect a gas dryer?


Disconnecting a gas dryer is not hard, but requires some preventative steps. First of all when you are removing an appliance that is run by gas, turn the gas line off. Once you are sure the gas is off, then you can disconnect the gas line from the gas dryer.
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If you don't have a gas fitters license and something goes wrong that causes damage to your home, then you're toast dude.Insurance will NOT cover you.
1. Study the wiring diagram for your dryer and locate the buzzer. All dryers are different, depending on brand and model. Get familiar with yours. Most diagrams and user manuals can
1 Make sure the gas dryer is compatible with your home. Most new gas dryers use 117 volts of electricity. Make sure your home supports this. You should also make sure the dryer's
I have a Kenmore push start gas dryer. How do I connect it to my natural gas line?
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