How to Dispose of Antifreeze?


Most cities or communities have an annual or semi-annual event where you can take items like this and they will dispose of it properly. It should never be just poured out into a ditch, etc. because it will end up in the water supply.
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1. Contact local recycling agencies in your area of Kentucky. Ask if they have an antifreeze recycling machine to recycle your antifreeze. You can also take the antifreeze to a local
Take it to your local auto parts store or Junk yard they recycle it.
You can take it to your local Auto Parts store, Advance Auto Parts has a disposal bin
First, you should check with your local sewage treatment office. The sewage treatment department may allow small amounts (a few quarts) to be poured down the toilet or sink with lots
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How to Dispose of Antifreeze
To get rid of antifreeze, make sure to use a qualified technician. Get a car ready for winter by as demonstrated in this free car maintenance video from a professional auto mechanic.... More »
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