How to Divide Improper Fractions?


Many people are intimidated by math problems, particularly fractions. Solving improper fractions is easy and can be a lot of fun once understand how to work the equations. How to Divide Improper Fractions
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The same way you divide fractions is the same way you divide improper fractions. When you divide two improper fractions, take the second fraction and flip it. After you flip it, you multiply the one improper fraction and the fraction. If needed, reduce or put the answer in lowest terms. For example, 5/6 divided by 4/3. After you flip the second number, the problem will now be 5/6 multiplied by 3/4. 5/6 multiplied by 3/4 is 15/24. Then put 15/24 in lowest terms or reduce it and you get 5/8. 5/8 is your answer.
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4 1/5 = 21/5 21/5 divided by 5/8 is the same as 21/5 times 8/5 = 168/25 -14/20 divided by 7/8 is the same as -14/20 times 8/7 = -112/140 = -4/5 -5 1/4= -21/5 divided by -7/10 = -21/
Let's say 7 over 5. You would see how much 5 would go into 7. In this case, you can do it only once, 2 are left over so 2 is the numerator and your denominator stays the same.
An improper fraction is a fraction where the denominator is smaller than the numerator. Examples of improper fractions are 24/8, 57/32 and so forth.
how to divide improper fractions: To divide improper fractions, multiply the top term by the reciprocal of
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You can easily divide improper fractions by simply dividing the numerator by the denominator for example, 24/6 as 6 into 24 would give a solution of 4. Now, ...
When you divide fractions and you get an improper fraction you can divide again. Lets say you have the fraction 10/6 and you divide by 2 giving you 5/3 which is ...
An improper fraction is one in which the top number is greater or equal to the number on the bottom. An improper fraction should can be reduced by dividing the ...
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