How to Do a Master Reset on a Sony Vaio Laptop?


Most Sony Vaio motherboards have got a reset switch built in, which is a line of three pins, with a jumper over two of them, and a single free pin. In order to reset your BIOS back to factory settings, please try plugging the jumper onto the other end of the line. Done that, boot up your system and turn it off again, put the jumper back into its original position and this will resolve your issue.
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If your Vaio has Vaio Care on it (which it probably does) if your computer crashes or if there are major problems, you can go to Vaio Care. If you cannot get to the desktop at all
1. Click on the "Start" button at the bottom of the computer screen and select the "Control Panel" option from it on the right hand side of the menu. 2. Scroll
There are two methods by which we can perform the restoration of factory settings. The first method is done by the CD or DVD of the operating system. It can be done by repairing the
There is no "reset" switch for Sony BIOS password, you need
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