What is a Rough Draft?


A rough draft is an unpolished, unedited piece of writing. Rough drafts are used to provide a good outline for the final draft of a report, essay, etc.
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1. Make sure that the paper topic is focused and specific. 2. Review the thesis statement. Is it clear and precise? Does it firmly establish the aim of the paper? 3. Look at the individual
1 # Whether you have to write a term paper, an article, short story or a novel, writers all begin in the same place: brain storming. Get all your ideas down on paper (or computer/
this is a part of organizing process which is the best means of clarifying relationships of the different parts of the report.
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To type a rough draft, you really just want to put your thoughts on paper, to where you can remember what you're writing about. When you do a rough draft, it doesn't ...
A rough draft is the first composition you write. You will want to edit the rough draft multiple times, to make sure the final draft has no mistakes. ...
Your rough draft outline will vary depending on the type of piece that you are writing. A rough draft outline will help form the skeleton of the paper and it will ...
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