What is aerokinesis?


its an ability to control the movement of air.
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Aerokinesis is the control of air. By using aerokinesis, you can create a small breeze, or a whole lot of wind.
Aerokinesis. aero (air) + kinesis (parapsychological use) 1. An (superhuman) ability to control the movement of air. You don't learn it, as you said, "it comes with you already
well, when i was interested in finding out what aerokinesis was, i just did a net search on it, and it gave me everything from general information to actual training techniques. so
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Aerokinesis is the ability to control the elements of the air with the mind. For example, someone with this power could focus a wind current toward his enemy in ...
There are many different kinds of Kinesis. Some of these types are Aerokinesis, Atmokinesis, Atmoskinesis, Biokinesis, Chrono Telekinesis, Chronokinesis, Cyrokinesis ...
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