How do you do basic cumbia dance steps?


To learn how to do basic cumbia dance steps, start with your feet together. Step back with your right foot and slightly pivot with your left. Bring your right foot back beside your left before pausing for one beat. Move your left foot back and do a cumbia dance step while pivoting your right foot. Step in place with your right foot. Bring your left foot back next to your right and pause for one beat. Twist your torso from side to side as you're performing the dance. Let your arms bend naturally the whole time, moving your hands in small circles around your midsection.
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1. Begin the basic cumbia with your feet together. 2. Step back with your right foot, pivoting a little on your left foot, so your right foot goes about a shoulder's width behind
1. Stamp right, stamp left; stamp right, stamp left. (Yes, it sounds as if a good old tantrum is going on. 2. Brush your right foot to the back and stamp down on your right. Stomp
1. Step down on your right feet. Your feet should be parallel as you begin the Clickety Clank step. 2. Shuffle on your left foot. A shuffle is done by brushing the ball of your foot
1. Brush the toe of your right foot forward. 2. Set it down firmly. You want your toe to make a nice: "fa-LAP" sound. The flap sounds heavier than the shuffle because you're
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How to Do Basic Cumbia Dance Steps
Learn how to do basic dance steps in cumbia dancing with expert Columbian cumbia dancing instruction from a professional dancer in this free online advanced dance lesson and choreography video clip.... More »
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