How to Do Dracula Makeup?


Dracula Makeup is perhaps one of the easiest characters to recreate on your own. To do Dracula makeup use the following steps: 1.) Paint your face white 2.) Draw an upside down triangle that points to your forehead. Round out both sides near the hairline with the black paint; the idea is to create a widow's peak 3.) With a touch of black eyeshadow contour the cheeks with sharp edges. Do not follow your cheekbones use those a guide but overextend the the cheeks. (This step is optional but will add depth to Dracula.) 4.) Paint the eyebrows black. When you get to the arch of the eyebrow don't round it out; instead lift dramatically and come back down into the natural eyebrow and finish the rest of the eyebrow. 5.) With a bright red lipstick pain your lips. If you don't have full lips, emphasize them by using a deeper red lining around them. 6.) For another dramatic effect, put your fake fangs in your mouth and stick your teeth out so that they rest on your chin. Add red lipstick or paint on your chin to recreate a bloody look.
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1. Scrub Dracula's face with a cleansing cream to moisturize the skin. Work the cream up into the hair line and cove the neck and ears, too. Wipe all of it off with paper tissues.
Jack P. Pierce. Born May 5, 1889 in Greece, Pierce was a well known and respected artist. He worked on 133 films as a make up artist and make up director, including. White Zombie.
there are a lot of good tutorials on youtube for halloween makeup! just type in exactly what you want and you should find a great video to show you how! : Source(s) youtube.
Vampires are the biggest fashion icons these days. Who would have known that a group of the undead would be gracing the covers of Vogue and Elle? If you are looking to get a beautiful
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Vampire and Dracula costumes are popular around Halloween time. To dress like a vampire you need a black cape, black and white makeup and the finishing touch of ...
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