How to Do French Knitting?


To do french knitting, one should have a knitter, yarn, and a needle. Pull out a length of string about 20 cm long and insert it through the knitter top to bottom. Grasp the knitter with your left hand and the yarn coming out of the top of the hole with your right. Label each of the four pins as north, south, east, and west, and then wrap the ball side of the yarn clockwise around the north pin. Wrap the yarn around the west pin. Continue wrapping, counter clockwise, in this manner with the south and east pins. Repeat the whole wrapping thing so that you have two loops on each pin.
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How to Do French Knitting
French knitting, also called spool or peg knitting, is a method of circular knitting so easy it is a favorite craft for kids. The essential tool for French knitting is the knitting spool, an item known by many names including knobby, mushroom and corker.... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
French knitting is an easy way of knitting that involves using a spool or a knitting dolly, a crotchet and some wool. The wool is wound around the spikes on the spool in the anticlockwise direction and then pulled through to the other end. Detailed instructions, inclusive of photos, on how this is done are available on How-to-knit-guide.
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