How to Do Long Stitch?


To do a long stitch, you can follow steps given on various tutorial websites like Stitchopedia. Long stitches are worked perpendicularly and are very useful when working on large pieces of canvas or when making crinkles on clothes. It is however important to create a stitch that is long enough- not too long or too short.
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You can stitch with a sewing machine. Whichever method you choose one thing is for sure: Both methods involve using a needle and thread. To find more information click here: http:
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1. Purchase one tube of fabric paint for each color required for the pattern. Consult the color key on the pattern to see the colors you need. 2. Select a color to start with. Choose
1. Find a color of thread that matches your fabric as closely as possible. Cut a length of thread. Cut the length of thread twice as long as the piece needing hemming if it is just
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