How to Do Micro Braids Yourself?


You will need about 2-3 packs of braiding hair. You will need to use the weave hair and braid the weaving hair into the natural hair to make a very tiny braid. You will need to do this until the entire head is covered with micro braids. You can find more information here:
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1. Select a small, thin section of hair at the crown, about a quarter of an inch worth. Divide it into three even smaller equal parts. 2. Cross the left strand of hair over the middle
1 Comb out the hair. Ad 2 Part the hair in four sections. 3 Pin up three sections of the hair. 4 Take a small section of the hair, that‘s not pined up and wrap the fake hair
1. Comb the horse's mane thoroughly to remove any tangles. 2. Separate a 3-inch section of the horse's mane, starting at the top of the horse's head. Divide the section of mane into
1. Begin with damp or wet hair for an easier and smoother braid. Braiding your hair wet, and it will have waves when you un-braid it-a nice aftereffect. 2. Determine what type of
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How to Do Micro Braids Yourself for Free
Micro braiding is a common hairstyle among the African American population. The hair is braided into numerous thin and fragile braids. Micro braids are especially popular because this hairstyle doesn't cost much to maintain. However, if you're looking to... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
To do micro braids yourself you will need to part your hair in four sections. Begin the micros at the nap of your head. Part very small sections. Pull a piece of hair from the bundle of weave hair. Place on your hair and braid in.
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