How to Do Micro Braids Yourself?


You will need about 2-3 packs of braiding hair. You will need to use the weave hair and braid the weaving hair into the natural hair to make a very tiny braid. You will need to do this until the entire head is covered with micro braids. You can find more information here:
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1. Ask your stylist for a hair trim and a hot oil treatment. Even if you're going to be braiding your hair yourself, you want to make sure you start off with your strands in their
1. Comb out the hair. 2. Part the hair in four sections. 3. Pin up three sections of the hair. 4. Take a small section of the hair, that‘s not pined up and wrap the fake hair
i would find somebody else who can do that back of your head and use a a hair to to keep the hair away from your face Source(s): life
you put one piece over the other as if doing a regular braid. take three small pieces of hair, and do a normal braid. Switch the left hand piece with the middle, then the right hand
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To do micro braids yourself you will need to part your hair in four sections. Begin the micros at the nap of your head. Part very small sections. Pull a piece of hair from the bundle of weave hair. Place on your hair and braid in.
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The best type of hair to use for micro braids is hair that is one hundred percent human hair. There are many brands that will claim the hair is human but in reality ...
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