How to Do Naruto Jutsu in Real Life?


The only 'Naruto Jutsu' that can be done in real life is the martial known as 'Taijutsu'. This is the manipulation of bodily energy for fighting which requires adherents to release as much energy as is possible at the 'release points' like the palm, head or legs. This however requires a lot of training though, you can go to the 'Naruto Revo' website to get the basics or you can try to enrol in a martial arts club or class.
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Jujitsu is a true martial arts form. You cna go to a jim in your area and find out who teaches jujitsu in your community. This is the best way.
It depend what you think. like i think in the first episode he was 12. and when Sakai left he was 13. and now in naruto shiputon he is 16. don't believe me do the math.
Here is a video of how to do the fire style jutsu.
keyboard go ahead and loose it,its from a Japanese manga, that got made in to cartoon. Source(s) shohen Jump's Naruto. my students started calling me Ero Senin so I had to find out.
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