How to Do Peter Answers?


Doing Peter Answers is a 5 step process that begins with opening the site page online and asking your audience for a question. Enter text into the petition box then type a question ending with a question mark and click accept. Peter will then analyze the question and make a prediction appropriately.
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Peter Answers is a virtual tarot card game. It has developed quite a following online because of it's uncanny accuracy. It's an amusing experience in random choice. To find more information
1. Visit Peter Answers online. When you access the page, there are instructions and two blank fields, "Insert petition" and "Insert question. 2. Follow the directions
1 Visit Peter Answers . There you’ll see two text boxes: "Petition" and "Question." Ad 2 Ask someone for a question. This is what you'll ask Peter. If you
First of all you need to write on the petition . (full stop) and you have to write your answer after that. On The question write your question so it matches the answer. EXAMPLE: Petition
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