How to Do Two Strand Twist with Weave?


Two strand twists with weaved in hair is not an easy task. It is also quite time consuming. But, once it is done, the look is great and will last a long time. The two strand twist is similar to Sengalese twists. For more information look here: Here are Instructions for Two Strand Twists with Weave;
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Two strand twists is a hairstyle that can be worn by anyone with tightly coiled or kinky hair. Two strand twists do not hold well without heavy styling products on relaxed or chemically
1. Decide what kind of twist style you would like. You can divide the hair into large sections for less twists or do small random twists all over the scalp. The styles and options
1. Part your hair down the center using the tip of a pick comb, and then section off the hair on one side of your head by tying it with an elastic. 2. Part a small square section
There is kinky hair synthetic hair that you buy in bulk. Human hair tends to uravel but the synthetic hair will last uttil you take it out. Yeah and motowngirl has a great site.
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When doing two strand twist with weave you will need to use synthetic hair or kinky hair. Two strand twist are also known as kinky twist. To start the two strand twist you will need to part the hair in box shape and take two stands of the weave hair and loop it around the real hair, next you will begin twisting using on two strands.
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